CRM retargeting without e-mail address matching.
Onboard CRM and call center data directly to Google AdWords™ for accurate and automated real-time retargeting.
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Fully automated.

Outleads communicates data from your CRM and CRM-like systems – think marketing automation, call center, e-mail marketing – to Google Analytics™, automatically populating audience lists of AdWords™ campaigns. We eliminate the exporting, hashing, and uploading so you can leverage the power of your internal data without the manual hassle.

Always accurate.

Because our patented technology bypasses personal information, you’ll never have to worry about the domain and accuracy of your leads’ e-mail addresses. We enable you to target anyone, even if they don’t have a Gmail address, have a misspelled address, are not logged in to their e-mail, or never even entered an address in the first place.

Real-time updates.

Outleads automatically picks up new information, from a tag entered by a sales agent or an event recorded by a marketing automation system. So your audience lists always reflect the latest entries, unlike a manual upload that remains static until your next upload. Because your data is dynamic – and your advertising should be too.

Endless possibilities.

Pushing to Google Analytics™ allows you to leverage your offsite and offline data with the same power and flexibility as you do with web behavior. Combine data from Salesforce, HubSpot, Marketo, the call center, and other systems with website activity to analyze behavior patterns and create hyper-targeted retargeting lists.

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Outleads vs. AdWords™ Customer Match
You want to... With Outleads With Customer Match
Retarget callers that did not convert. Your AdWords™ audience is automatically populated in real-time and segmented by call disposition. Your agents collect the e-mail address of every lead that calls, wasting agent time and providing a less-than-optimal customer experience. You then export a list of e-mail addresseses by call disposition, hash it, and upload to AdWords™. If the lead provided a fake e-mail address, or your agent misspelled it, they cannot be reached.
Reach leads with corporate, Yahoo, Bing, and other non-Gmail addresses. Your AdWords™ audience includes everyone, regardless of the e-mail address domain. Your leads cannot be targeted.
Target leads from your call center, with misspelled addresses taken by agents or no addresses at all. Your AdWords™ audience includes everyone that previously visited your website. Your leads cannot be targeted.
Target leads that opened an e-mail message. Your AdWords™ audience is built in real-time as leads open the e-mail message. If the audience is attached to a campaign, leads automatically see your ads. You send out the message and wait a couple of days for your e-mail software to track which leads opened the message, then you export that list, hash it, and upload to AdWords™. Your leads see ads a few days after your e-mail. If additional leads open the message, you need to re-generate, hash, and upload the list; they are not included automatically.
Bid higher on leads that are marked as quality ones by your sales reps. Your AdWords™ audience is built in real-time as your reps update a lead’s status. If the audience is attached to a campaign, leads automatically see your ads. You check for updated lead statuses once or twice a week, then you export the list, hash it, and upload to AdWords™. If reps change the lead status, you need to re-generate, hash, and upload the list; they are not included automatically.
Optimize advertising. Leads that unsubscribe can be automatically removed, preventing impressions to low-quality leads – thereby increasing your CTR and decreasing your CPC. You need to compromise between not fully optimizing your campaigns and spending an unduly amount of time keeping up with your leads’ activities.
Target leads that called, attended a webinar, and visited your website in the past 30 days. All data is pushed to Google Analytics™, where you can easily create lists with multiple conditions incorporating different activities. If you have a common field (such as e-mail) in all of your systems, and at least one of your systems tracks website visits non-anonymously (e.g., not Google Analytics™), then you may be able to extract a static list by cross-referencing lists from each source.


How It Works
A lead visits your website.
Visits Website
The lead inquires about the spa, either by submitting a form or calling. Learn more about Outleads’ call tracking.
Inquires About Spa
20% off spa treatments.
Book your spa treatment today and get 20% off $99 or more.
The Client ID is added to a preset Google Analytics™ remarketing list and automatically exported to an AdWords™ audience that’s attached to a spa campaign.
The agent marks the lead as interested in the spa using tags or similar CRM fields.
Adds "Spa" Tag
Google Analytics™ and AdWords™ generate a Client ID and GCLID, respectively.
Creates Cookie
Outleads tracks the CRM record and Client ID of the web visit that triggered it.
Creates CRM Record
Outleads creates a tag event in Google Analytics™ using the saved Client ID.
Fires Tag Event


Integrates with your favorite applications
Lead topics, opportunities, sales, custom fields
Phone calls, IVR events, call disposition, sales & more
Lead activity, lists, personas
E-mail activity, lists, custom fields
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