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Outleads does not rely on the phone number dialed by a caller to track a call. Instead, our patented call tracking technology assigns a unique ID to each phone call. This enables us to track all incoming calls with just one phone number. There’s no buying and maintaining forwarding numbers. Just your real business phone number, displayed to every website visitor, every time.

Real-time, call level data.

Outleads pushes call activity to Google Analytics™ as events. We then query Google Analytics™ for all the visit details associated with each call event. We retrieve all the data Google Analytics™ records about each web visit, including keywords, campaigns, duration, geographic region, device, and more. If you’re looking for superfine data and non-compromising accuracy, then Outleads is for you.

100% auto-pilot.

Once you sign up and complete our 10-minute setup, our call tracking runs without any further action on your part. Never provision anything, never update your website when you add more ads, never purchase more phone numbers to accommodate more visitors. Outleads automatically adapts for you.

Every device. Every time.

Outleads captures incoming calls from website visitors that use every device: mobile phone, desktop browser, and landline phones. If it’s a website visit that turns into a phone call, Outleads will track it.

Take it off-site.

In addition to tracking phone calls from your website visitors, Outleads tracks click-to-call from select off-site sources, including e-mail campaigns, social media, and 3rd-party websites where you control the HTML, such as Craigslist.

Track outcomes.

Tracking the number of phone calls from each marketing channel is great – but tracking the net effect on your bottom line is even better. When you record revenue from a phone call, Outleads sends an e-commerce transaction to Google Analytics. So you can analyze phone sales alongside e-commerce transactions. That’s our way of bridging the gap.

SMS and e-mail notifications.

Add notes about phone calls while on the go! Following each phone call, you receive a text message or e-mail with an identification code. Simply reply to update the notes attached to the call record. You can reply as many times as you’d like.

Record away.

Outleads records each phone call, so you can drill down and analyze call quality with the source that triggered that phone call. Best of all, you get unlimited storage of call recordings at no additional cost.

Google Analytics™ integration.

Outleads pushes any call-related actions to Google Analytics™, including clicking-to-call, dialing, connecting with an agent, and completing a call, as well as follow-up information such as revenues and call-associated costs. So you can segment and analyze alongside other business metrics in a familiar interface.

Google AdWords™ integration.

Outleads pushes call data into your AdWords account as phone conversions. You can also automatically specify which calls qualify as conversions, as determined by your agents. For example, you may decide to include only quality leads. With Outleads, you can accomplish this and much more.

Simple installation.

Just paste our one-line snippet into the HTML of your site. No expensive hardware, setup costs, or complicated code. Welcome to the next generation of call tracking & analytics.

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