Family Credit Achieves 270% Increase in Conversions
Family Credit partnered with Outleads to improve the non-profit’s AdWords ROI. By leveraging Outleads’ onboarding technology, they identified – inside AdWords – top-performing keywords and campaigns. Combined with AdWords’ automated optimization algorithms, this led to dramatic results.
270%increase in lead enrollments
210%increase in pre-enrollment signups
29%increase in lead conversion rate
15%decrease in AdWords spend
The Challenge: Improve AdWords ROI

Founded over 20 years ago, Family Credit is one of the nation’s largest consumer credit counseling agencies. As one of the nation’s top non-profits offering complimentary services, the organization struggled to balance financial resources with raising awareness, since a dollar spent on online advertising is a dollar not spent on hiring a credit counselor that can help a consumer overwhelmed with debt. For Family Credit, optimizing its advertising budget for maximum reach was paramount.

The Solution: Automated Data Onboarding

Family Credit implemented Outleads’ CRM data onboarding technology, pushing CRM data about leads’ progress into Google Analytics as events tied to the web session that triggered an initial signup. This enables Family Credit to run detailed analysis of offline conversions inside Google Analytics. Using goals, Family credit set the events to automatically export to AdWords as offine conversions, allowing AdWords’ automated algorithms to optimize for clicks that lead to offline conversions, not clicks that lead to online signups.

The Outcome: Increase in Sales with Lower AdWords Spend

Outleads helped Family Credit gain greater visibility into which keywords are driving offline conversions and gain a deeper understanding of online behavior that preceds offline conversion. Additionally, populating offline conversions inside AdWords allowed Family Credit to leverage AdWords’ automated optimization algorithms, multiplying the impact of manual adjustments performed by the marketing team. This brought more visitors as well as visitors that are more likely to convert – on a smaller budget.

One of the more important insights we were able to pick up from GA after using outleads was how few of our overall keywords actually have a large percentage of our eventual client enrollments. We were able to tell how many of our eventual enrollments we obtained at a good price. Sometimes this varied a great deal from their initial conversion price, so this information was invaluable.
Sarabeth O’Neil
Director of Corporate Development
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